Petsmartech Flower Waterfall Pet Fountain

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Standard Two Flow Modes

One more choice, one more care, just to make your pet fall in love with drinking water.

Drink Plenty of Water to Stay Away From Diseases

Jellyfish shape five water streams can better attract your pets to drink more water 

Upgraded Quad Filtration

Biochemical cotton filter impurities, ion exchange resin to soften water quality, activated carbon to purify water quality, water pump filter cotton to prevent water pump blockage

2.6L large-capacity water storage

Enough water for an adult cat to drink for more than 12 days

Emergency storage

180ml of water during a power outage to prevent drinking without water during a power outage.

Food grade PC material

Environmentally friendly, harmless, fully transparent, strong and durable, drop resistant



Capacity: 2.6L

Packing Size: 186*186*168mm

Weight: 0.85KG

Input Voltage : 5V / 100mA

Material: Environmentally friendly PC