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It can be used for dogs to grind their teeth, clean their teeth, protect their oral health, remove calculus, improve their IQ, and relieve their daily worries.

Durable Materials

Dog toothbrush stick toy is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The dog chew toothbrush is strong enough to withstand dog biting and chewing, and better quality and longer service life.

Suction Cup Design

It can suck vertically and horizontally, giving pets an anti-tensile play experience, more effective in removing pet teeth and cleaning teeth, and improving the molar experience.

Comprehensive Cleaning

When pets bite this toothbrush, the teeth will enter the newly designed tooth cleaning channel, and through the channel to increase the back and forth friction of the tooth grinding, it will effectively remove pet stones and dirt.


Toothpaste or attractants in the newly designed tooth slot or external use will have a better effect. For the health of pets, it is recommended that you give dogs no more than 20-30 minutes of use per day.


Material : Natural Rubber

Safety : 100% Pet Safe, Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic

Usage : Dogs (0 lb - 100 lb)

Strength : Sturdy, Tear and Bite Resistant

Size: 9 * 9 * 13CM

Suitable for large, medium and small pet dogs

How To Use Dog Toothbrush Stick ?

1. First, you can use the suction cup on the bottom of the dog toothbrush to fix it on the ground or on the wall.

2. Put the toothpaste or attractant into the newly designed pressure groove channel, and increase the teeth in the channel to clean the pet's mouth more effectively.

3.Do not exceed 20-30 minutes each time and let it chew your dog under your supervision.