Petsmartech Automatic Pet Feeder ( No Wifi)

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Right Portions at the Right Time

PETSMARTECH pet auto feeder up to 6 meals daily with 1-50 portions(15ml each), Large food tank with 6L capacity. Equipped with anti-stuck function, no more pre-dawn wake up calls, or worry when travelling.


Easy-to-Read LCD Panel

Program the feeding on the LCD panel with detailed instructions; Clear LED indication let you know every status of the auto cat feeder, the built-in infrared sensor can easily tell you the situation of insufficient food or stuck.

Secure Twist-Lock Storage

PETSMARTECH automatic pet feeder stores the right amount of food (dry kibbles sized 0.07-0.6in / 2-15mm in diameter) for your pet with a twist-lock lid to keep dry food crunchy, flavorful, and secure from any poaches. (Equipped with setting memory to prevent sudden power failure

Clear LED Indication

Know the status at a glance:
Blue flashing light reminds food may be stuck at the outlet;
Red breathing light as low food storage reminder. Feeding up-to-the-minute(refer to the User Guide for more)

10s Feeding Calls

Stay connected with your pet by the PETSMARTECH Easy Feed automatic pet feeder by a 10s voice recording clip before meals, thus enhancing the bond with your pet by keeping it fed regularly and feel safe & well cared.

 Inbuilt Desiccant Box - Petlibro

 Plug Power & Backup Battery

Use the 5V DC adapter normally (insert the Micro USB power cord into the connector under the device), while sustaining the feeder power via 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (NOT included) installed in case of power outages.

Specification(No wifi)

Food Tank Capacity: 4L / 25.36 cup

Feeing type: Manual, auto

Auto feeding meals: 6

Net Weight : 2.15kg / 4.74lbs

Amount Per Portion : 1-50 servings per meal, 4-7 grams per serving

Screen : LCD screen

Power Adapter Input : AC 110 - 240 V

Power Adapter Output : 5V

Dual Power : 3 x D cell battery (not included)

Operating Temperature : 0℃-50℃ / 32°F - 122°F

Dimensions : 358mm x194mm x335mm