Petsmartech 6L Wifi Smart Pet Feeder

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This feeder has two versions,  wifi version and Standard version (No wifi )

With wifi version, you can use smartphone to control your Feeder 

Flexible Meal Time     

Suitable Capacity
Dual Power Supply  

10s Voice Recorder
Detachable Design             


  • 6L large-capacity grain barrels can store more food, so you can save yourself from worrying about daily food adding.
  • Easily set the time of food and the amount of food to be delivered through the mobile phone, and regularly feed the pets more healthily to prevent the pets from being full or hunger.

  • Pet owner’s play voices to call the pet at the dining time.
  • The automatic cat feeder is powered by power adapter and 3 D-size batteries. When the power outage, the feeder will continue to function on 3 D-size batteries to assure your pet never miss a feeding. (Batteries are NOT included)

  • It is convenient to observe the remaining pet food in the barrel to prevent contamination of bacterial hair impurities.
  • Handles any range of dry food size up to range 12mm diameter.
  • The food tray is easy to disassemble, easy to clean after use.
  • Automatically feeding by schedule and manual feeding

  • Up to 6 meals up per day, each meals up to 50 portions could be see
  • Up to 10s voice message to call the pets, play times programmable
  • Low food will give an reminder by indicator LED
  • None Food/Food Shortage/Food Stuck/Low battery
  • 6 buttons with 2inch LCD screen(with backlight), easy to setup



Food Tank Capacity: 6L / 25.36 cup

Net Weight : 2.15kg / 4.74lbs

Amount Per Portion : 2.5tbsp / 12.5ml

Screen : LCD screen

Power Adapter Input : AC 110 - 240 V

Power Adapter Output : 5V

Dual Power : 3 x alkaline Batteries

Working Current : 80mA

Dimensions : 19.3 x 21.3 x 38.1cm / 7.6 x 8.4 x 15in

Operating Temperature : 0℃-50℃ / 32°F - 122°F


APP operation steps

Step 1

  •  Scan the QR code to download the APP & log in.
  • Note : Supports iPhone on iOS 9.0 or later; smartphone on Android 4.4 or later

Step 2

  • Long press the "RESET" for 6 seconds until the blue light flash every 0.5 seconds. (the state of the blue light flashing will determine the connection mode)
  • Turn on the phone's Bluetooth
  • Open the APP, click the "+" on top right corner to add the device named "WiFi Feeder".

Step 3

  • Enter your WiFi password and get connected via 2.4GHz network.
  • Please make sure the WIFI password is correct. If the WIFI password contains special characters, please modify the WIFI password first

step 4

  • Enter Create your feeding schedule and get started