Should I Add Water to my Dog's Dry Food?


Dog kibble is dry dog food. Kibble is made via a process of extrusion, whereby different types of ingredients, such as legumes, meat, vegetables, and all other nutritional foods for dogs, are grounded and shaped into pallets. We typically feed kibble to our dogs as it is, so why add water to it?

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6 Reasons To Add Water To Dog Kibble

Water is added to dog kibble because it increases their digestion by promoting moisture intake. It also allows them to drink more water, which prevents long-term dehydration symptoms. Some owners add water to dog kibble because it enhances its aroma by breaking down the ingredients.

Prevent Gulping

Gulping is the process of swallowing large amounts of food simultaneously. It might be a disorder in some dogs. For others, it is just a habit that they have. It might also be because of hunger, as they get excited about the presence of food. When dogs swallow big chunks of food simultaneously, it becomes hard for the digestive system to break down the food. This may even lead the dog to vomit all the food after hurriedly swallowing it.

Adding water to dry dog food can solve gulping. That’s because water makes the food moist, making it difficult for the canine to swallow the food in large chunks. And because the food will have become soft, even swallowing without chewing will not be a problem for the food’s digestion and absorption.

For Your Dog’s Urinary Health

It can sometimes be challenging for some dogs to drink water even if it’s already in their bowl. This makes them prone to urinary tract problems and even at the risk of suffering from kidney stones.

The kidney acts as a body filter that filters all the toxic waste materials and allows all the important nutrients into the bloodstream. Fluids help wash away and eliminate the filtered toxic substances from the kidney, resulting in urine.

The addition of water to your dog’s kibble will be a win-win since you will be feeding it its meal and drink at the same time, especially for the dogs who do not fancy drinking water.

Essential During the Weaning Phase of a Puppy

When a puppy is born, it only feeds on its mother’s milk. With time, as it grows, you will be required to introduce another type of food. Dry food will be too much work for the puppy because it was used to feeding on milk, which is in liquid form.

Thus, extra care is required when choosing the type of meal to feed your puppy during the weaning phase. It is important to note that the puppy’s jaws and digestive system are not yet strong enough to handle food that requires a lot of energy to chew, swallow, and be digested.

For Their Good Digestive Health

Dogs, like any other living organism, are prone to illnesses. Digestive diseases can be acquired through bad feeding behavior. Therefore, you must be careful about what you feed your dog. Those who are already ailing should be fed very soft and healthy food to aid their recovery.

Adding water to your dog kibble does the trick, as the dry food will be moist and easily absorbed into the digestive system.

Cancer of the Digestive Tract

There is no specific cause for cancerous tumors to develop in your dog. The signs and symptoms include bloody diarrhea, lack of appetite, and bloody vomiting that causes the dog to whimper due to pain.

When you notice these signs, it is important to visit a veterinarian. The vet will run some tests and identify where the cancer is on the digestive tract. If the cancer is not widely spread, it can be surgically eliminated. In cases where the cancer has widely spread, the vet cannot do anything but give pain medication.

This will mean that the dog cannot eat anything hard to chew, swallow, or even digest. Its digestive tract is already sore, so choosing soft food is the way to go

Increase Hydration

Clean water is one of the most important nutrients for a dog’s body to function properly. It is also the best medium to wash away the dog’s metabolic waste.

Water also acts as a coolant when the temperatures are high, helping dogs avoid discomfort. Another importance of water added to kibble is that it aids in the secretion of enzymes and acid necessary to the digestive system.

How to add water to your dog’s food

When you are adding water to your dog’s food, make sure it’s not too cold (also not pleasant for your dog and can cause stomach discomfort) or too hot. Lukewarm water is best. Add equal part water (or a bit more for dogs that are prone to urinary/dehydration issues) and soak for 10-15 minutes. Now it’s ready to feed in a dish or freeze in your dog’s food toy.

A Disadvantage of Adding Water To Kibble

Soaked dry food tends to spoil very quickly compared to when the kibble is served as it is. It is, therefore, wise to check your dog’s bowl after it is done eating. Leaving the food there for over 48 hours will be toxic to the dog once it feeds on it. You have an option of either disposing of the leftovers or storing them in the fridge for the next meal.