Petsmartech App Control Pet Fountain

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UV Sterilizing Pet Fountain

Redefine pet care with smart technology, App control 


Pets need love, attention, and care

The PETSMARTECH Automatic Pet Feeder helps take care of your pet with sterilizing and purifying water to 

  Unique 3- stage filtration

Pre-filtered through a mesh screen, push through activated carbon filter, channeled past ion-exchange-resin filter. Consequently diminish the hair, impurity, odor, chlorine and give clear water to the pets and reduce the risk of developing illness

Silent Design

The DC motor is deployed with customized silicon matt to diminish the noise to the minimum. You will live more happily with your beloved pets with less disturbance


Secure your beloved pets for illness 


UV sterilizing  


Safe and non-side-effect UV-C sterilization technology .The beaming ray of UV-C light effectively destroy the bacteria DNA 



water purification   


with replaceable pump  


Cleaning is a breeze the pump connection is designed fully sealed waterproof rating, it is easy to take out the pump separately while insuring the safety seal





Capacity : 2L

communication : Wifi

Range : 30m

Product weigh : 1220g

Size : 208x198x181mm

Input : DC 5V / 2A