Petsmartech Auto Pet Feeder HD Video App

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Multi - Functions

  • Equipped with multi-functions such as Video Recording ( watch your pet eating from everywhere you are)
  • Dual Power Supply to keep your Feeder ready at anytime
  • Accurate Measurement Built-in weight sensor for precise amount of food and avoid overflow and spillage of food
  • Voice Control  Remind your pet meal times and rest connected even at work ( smart speaker required)
  • Feeding by schedule to keep your pet habit to eat at regular time and keep an eye on the diet.

Feeding Schedule

Customize your feeding schedule as your pet needs , easily setting on your smart phone call your pet with your audio recording at schedule times to keep your pet enjoy the meal even you are travel 

3.7L Large Capacity for Hassle Free

No worry about feeding your pets when you are busy on work, outside or travel. Refill it just press the button on the top and lift the handle together, the lid will open. It's very simple for people, but you don't have to worry about your pet opening the lid and eating all the food inside.

Dual Power Supply

PETSMARTECH pet feeder is power-off protected, in case the power source cut off, the pet feeder can continue to work. just need three “D” class batteries (NOT INCLUDED) to ensure perfect performance. Works with cord or batteries!


1080P HD Wide Angle Camera Night Vision

The night vision capable HD camera with a clear and 140-degree wide angle view enables you to see and record video of your pet. The two-way audio with a connected app that lets you Connect with your pet while you are away. In addition, it has 60 second voice message capability.

Accurate Measurement

Built-in weight sensor, The PETSMARTECH Automatic feeder achieve a precise measurement of the portion of food supplied, by the applied technology of a weight sensor together with an infrared sensor, optimizing the portions according to the previously selected quantity and push notification when there is too little food

Connect it to Any Smartphone

PETSMARTECH Automatic feeder has an APP to be used with all Smart phone with Wi-Fi option. They can easily help you timed feed, manually feed remotely, and notify you when there is lack of foods. These tech features allow you to stay connected with your pet and keep an eye on the diet.

Calling meal recording

support multiple groups of up to 20m user-defined

Recording Automatic feeding

support preset time, number of servings, voice of ordering meal, message push, SD card


Food Tank Capacity 4L

Wifi, Full HD Video

Camera 1080P, Night Vision

ABS Food Tray food grade

Net Weight 1.61 kg / 3.54lbs

Dual Power Main Supply, 3 Alcaline Batteries

Dimensions 33x28x37 cm / 13 x 11.0x 14.5 inch

Operating Temperature 0℃-55℃ / 32°F - 131°F